The Monkey Niche database is a digital atlas of gene expression patterns in the anterior subventricular zone of normal and ischemic monkey brain. The patterns of expression of 150 genes available currently were determined by non-radioactive in situ hybridization on representative coronal tissue sections.

Adult macaque monkeys have been subjected to global cerebral ischemia or sham surgery and the brains were snap-frozen and processed for in situ hybridization staining. The database can be searched by gene name and in addition presents accession number, template and primer sequences and their size. The website features a "virtual microscope" that enables zooming into images down to cellular resolution.

We acknowledge the contribution of the Max Planck Society, the Alexander von Humboldt foundation, the Medical University - Varna, the European Commission "Horizon 2020" Program and the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria.


Either search for a particular gene or browse through the alphabetical list of genes. Clicking the name of the gene will open a new tab showing Accession ID and probe data (primer sequences, template size and sequence) for the gene. A special feature of the virtual microscopic viewer is the “compare gene” function whereby control and ischemic images of expression of a given gene are loaded side by side thus allowing direct comparison of the patterns with preservation of zoom/pan features for each of the images. For more details see the instruction.